Throughout recent years, drywall has grown in popularity as one of the best wall finishes in the market. Property owners nation -wide have opted for drywall because they have become aware of all the endless benefits and advantages that it has to offer. Far more than just versatility, there are actual perks you and the property can benefit from. Not everyone is aware of all the perks that drywall has to offer, and if you are one of those people, you came to the right place. Keep reading to learn about what not everyone knows about drywall.

To start things off, drywall is a major hit in today’s society because of a specific characteristic, and that is energy efficiency. No other wall material in the market even comes close to being as efficient in energy saving than drywall.  Through drywall your property’s insulation improves and you can conserve the desired temperature within the property without over doing it with the AC.  Drywall even works better than paneling.

Another thing drywall is famous for is its fire resistance. As if being energy efficient wasn’t beneficial enough, drywall also protects your home from fire accidents. With drywall installed, you can rely that if there was ever a fire, the fire would not spread as quickly with drywall compared to other materials. Drywall can contain fire, which in the long run could potentially save your home.

You would think that such a remarkable material was extremely expensive or hard to maintain, but that is not the case at all. Not only is drywall an attractive choice, but is is also among the most cost efficient choices.

If your drywall is damaged, it can easily be repaired without a hassle, and no replacement is required like other materials may demand.

In all, drywall is a great wall finish. It is no wonder why it is so big in the market today.