Although hardwood floors are mostly known for their undeniable and natural beauty, there is some problems that you might encounter with your hardwood floors that are inevitable. If you want your hardwood floors to look great, last a long time, and offer strength then one thing you need to look out for is definitely moisture and humidity. Moisture and humidity can cause a series of problems with your hardwood floors. Today we are going to explore what some of the common problems with hardwood floors are.

Some moisture related issues with hardwood floors are clearly visible. Wood problems begin to occur typically when hardwood floors begin to contract or expand. Wood movement can happen naturally and it usually does during seasonal changes. These changes can often cause for your hardwood floors to look slightly less appealing.

If and when you heat your home during the cold winter season, the levels of your hardwood floors can decrease significantly. Boards can shrink and spaces will begin to appear when your hardwood floors lose MC. Some of these changes, like mentioned prior, are clearly seasonal. It is essential for you to monitor the room’s temperature.  Installing a humidifier in the furnace during winter months is a perfect example.

Cupping sometimes occurs to your hardwood floors as well. Cupping can be described as boards being higher than their center due to moisture. This can also happen when a water spill is left lying on the hardwood.

Crowning and buckling of your hardwood floors are also other visibly signs of moisture problems with your hardwood floors.

Invisible signs of moisture and humidity problems with your hardwood floors would include wood sub floors. You must know the subfloors as good as the hardwood floor itself.

Truth be told though, all flooring is susceptible to damage by moisture if not controlled immediately.

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